Main business operations
(1) Laser processing machine maintenance
(2) Sales of consumables
(3) Sales of laser processing machines (new, used), trade-in
(4) Laser processing machine relocation and commissioning/installation
(5) Incidental equipment sales and installation

Maintenance scope
Regular optical system maintenance is crucial for stable operation of laser processing machines. LAN Technology offers comprehensive maintenance services including inspection of optical system and processing machinery, to ensure continued processing performance.
We also offer oscillator overhaul services and maintenance for cooling systems, cooling towers and similar.

(1) Optical system maintenance
Mainly comprises cleaning and adjustment of oscillator PR/TR mirrors, and cleaning and adjustment of light path mirrors.
(2) Oscillator maintenance
Internal mirror replacement, electrode cleaning, axial blower replacement, etc.
(3) Laser processing machine maintenance
Switch operation checking, lubrication of drive parts, inspection of copying lathe, etc.
(4) Inspection of laser peripheral equipment, cooling towers, compressors etc.

Covered models
* Processing type
Two-dimensional: HB, HC, HD, HD II, HV, HV II
Three-dimensional: TB, HT, VZ2
* Oscillator type: S, F, F2, F3, D, CF, CF2, CF3

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